Specimen Carp, Barbel and Catfish

Whilst big carp and pike are the target for most specimen anglers these days Isfield waters contain a wealth of other specimen fish. Catfish to 47lb, Bream up to 10lb, Roach and Rudd over 2lb, Tench over 7lb, Barbel over 13lb and Perch up to 4lb are all regularly caught on Isfield’s lakes rivers and drains.

The largest carp known to have been caught on Isfield waters is a 38lb common and for those keen to catch specimen carp there are at least 11 waters known to hold 20lb plus mirror, common and ghost carp and at least 2 that contain double-figure grass carp.

Pike fishing centres on the rivers and drains, but a couple of lakes also hold large double figure fish and there are several of our lakes where large Perch provide some great winter sport.  

Firtol Mirror