Match Calendar

View here the latest information on our match calendar. All matches are for members only, unless stated as an ‘inter-club match’, or an ‘open match’. If you require any more information about our events, please contact our Match Secretary on 07510 373 237.

May 2020

  • 3rd

    Coronation Cup

    Description: Wilderness, East Grinstead, Main Lake

    Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • 10th

    Broadhurst, Horsted Keynes

    Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • 17th

    Cypress Wood Lakes, Buxted

    Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • 24th

    Sheen Memorial Trophy

    Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • 31st

    Highlands, Framfield

    A. Fuller, 19-2-0, Carp

    W. Walter, 19-0-0, Small Carp and Rudd

    M. Green, 18-0-0, Carp

June 2020

  • 7th

    Lincoln Cup

    Description: Mill Pond, Hosted Keynes

    K. Smith, 41-4-0, Bream

    A. Parry, 29-6-0, Bream

    T. Hoad, 18-12-0, Bream

  • 14th

    Harrock House, Buxted

    P. Harding, 12-0-0, Tench

    M. Green, 10-8-0, Tench

    S. Davey, 9-12-0, Rudd

  • 21st

    Wilderness, East Grinstead – Top Lake

    A. Parry, 34-8-0, Bream and Grass Carp

    C. Wood, 16-6-0, Grass Carp

    P. Harding, 10-8-0, Bream

  • 28th

    Isfield v Glynde, Barcombe Mills

    B. Hoare, 4-12-0, Bream

    W. Walter, 4-12-0 Dace

    P. Harding, 3-4-0, Roach

July 2020

  • 5th

    Pete Harvey Memorial – Cancelled

    Description: Aylwins, Mayfield

    Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • 12th

    Isfield v Banstead

    Description: Wilderness, East Grinstead – Middle Lake

    A Stevens, 24-4-0, Carp

    A. Parry, 19-8-0, Carp

    J. Fuller, 15-12-0, Carp

  • 19th

    Sheen Memorial Trophy

    Description: Highlands, Framfield

    W. Walter, 30-12-0, Small Carp and Rudd

    S. Mahkonen, 23-0-0, Carp

    J. Fuller, 21-0-0, Small Carp and Rudd

  • 26th

    Feeder and Float Match

    Description: Broadhurst, Horsted Keynes

    A. Stevens, 32-8-0, Bream

    P. Harding, 31-14-0, Bream

    A. McNaughton, 22-0-0, Bream

August 2020

  • 2nd

    Keith Prevett Memorial Trophy

    Description: – v – Horsted Keynes. Mill Pond, Horsted Keynes

    J. Fuller, 28-0-0, Bream

    W. Walter, 28-0-0, Bream

    C. King, 17-12-0, Bream

  • 9th

    Isfield v Banstead

    Description: Wilderness, East Grinstead – Middle Lake

    P. Gibson, 34-6-0, Carp

    T. Hoad, 31-8-0, Carp

    S. Mahkonen, 24-0-0, Carp

  • 16th

    Isfield v Glynde & Lewes

    Description: Barcombe Mills

    J. Trantor, 27-6-0, Bream

    A. Simpson, 13-2-0, Bream

    M. Sains, 5-14-0, Bream

  • 23rd

    Harrock House, Buxted

    S. Davey, 9-9-0, Rudd

    T. Hoad, 8-8-0, Rudd

    H. Sells, 6-6-0, Tench and Carp

    R. Harding, 6-6-0, Tench

  • 30th


    A. Stevens, 25-14-0, Carp and Bream

    S. Payne, 21-0-0, Bream

    P. Gibson, 11-2-0, Bream and Silvers

September 2020

  • 6th

    Away v Horsted Keynes, Carp Lakes

    W. Walter, 38-7-0, Carp

    S. Mahkonen, 35-12-0, Carp

    M. Standon, 33-5-0, Carp

  • 13th

    Away v Lewes, Spring Barn

    Carp Lake

    S. Linburn, 164-12-0, Carp

    A. Fuller, 65-14-0, Carp

    P. Harding 63-6-0, Carp

    Silvers Lake

    C. Alland, 10-8-0, Skimmers

    M. Durrant, 9-9-0, Skimmers

    W. Walter, 6-5-0, Skimmers

  • 20th

    Isfield Place Trophy, River Uck

    P. Sells, 2-8-0, Mixed silvers

    W. Walter, 2-8-0, Mixed silvers

    G. Ridley, 2-0-0, Mixed silvers

  • 27th

    Teams of three, Wilderness Lakes

    Description: Teams of three including Lewes, Glynde and Horsted Keynes. Please book in advance with match secretary

    Main Lake

    M. Sains, 64-0-0, Carp

    S. Payne, 47-0-0, Carp

    A. Simpson, 38-4-0, Carp

    Middle Lake

    T. Alland, 37-4-0, Carp

    A. Fuller, 28-8-0, Carp

    L. Heasman, 19-12-0, Carp


October 2020

  • 4th

    Glynde Reach

    Description: Away v Glynde

    Timings: Draw, 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm, Peg Down

  • 11th

    Broadhurst and Mill Pond

    Description: Blind Pairs. Anglers from Lewes, Horsted Keynes, Southdown and Glynde invited

    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9.30am to 2.30pm, Peg Down

  • 18th

    Cypress Woods

    Description: v Horsted Keynes

    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm, Peg Down

  • 25th

    River Uck

    Description: CANCELLED


November 2020

  • 1st

    Wilderness Middle and Main Lakes

    Description: v Lewes and Glynde

    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 930am to 2.30pm

  • 8th


    Description: v Horsted Keynes

    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm, Peg Down

  • 15th


    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm, Peg Down

  • 22nd

    Wilderness Main Lake

    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm, Peg Down

  • 29th


    Timings: Draw 8am, Fish 9am to 2pm

December 2020

  • Timings: