Mill Pond, Horsted Keynes Area

Lake Description

Restored by the club after the ‘Great Storm’ The Mill Pond contains Carp to over 30lb together with large shoals of Bream that make this a popular match water as well as a one for the specimen Carp angler. Set in a stunning valley location the Mill Pond is a credit to those who put in so much hard work to bring it back to life.

Lake Information

Size of Water
6 Acres

Depth of Water

Predominant Species
Carp, Tench, Bream, Pike, Roach, Rudd

Rules & Conditions
No angler must interfere with or take Eels from the trap on the spillway. All anglers to use the proper toilets provided. On no account must anglers stray onto Horsted Keynes Angling Clubs land above the Mill Pond. Due to the closeness of residential property anglers are requested to be as quiet as possible when arriving early or leaving late.

Take your litter home or night fishing will cease next season – this is your last chance!

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