Autumn recovery

Its been a tough summer for fisheries across the region with so much dry weather and many venues suffering from algae blooms with subsequent deoxygenation problems. The Mill pond at Horsted Keynes remains closed for the time being as water levels remain low and work is required to fix the dam, but thanks to the hard work of our bailiffing team keeping pumps going day and night across a number of our venues we seem to have gotten off lightly compared to some.

Please be very aware that our waters are under significant environmental stress at the moment and for this reason we have introduced keepnet bans and bait limits. This is particularly important at this time of year when the water temps start to decrease, fish get less active and eat less. One of the contributors to the fish kill we have had at The Mill Pond is ammonia levels thought to be driven by the amount of bait on the bed of the lake so please keep feeding to a minimum over the coming months.

As we get more rain and water levels begin to rise again we hope the health of all waters in the region begins to pick up again and we will be looking at what else we can do in the coming years to protect our fish stocks for you all. In the meantime please keep your eyes open for any obvious issues and report them in.