Arlington Reservoir

Its great to see that so many people are having a crack at the latest addition to the clubs waters. With no one having fished the venue for so many years we weren’t certain what catches would be had, but we needn’t have worried too much. Whilst some have struggled to get bites , others seem to have worked the water out and with Bream to 7lb, Roach to 2lb and Perch to 3lb already being reported it looks like we have a great fishery on our hands. Sweetcorn, maggot and worm on the feeder ( no groundbait ) seem to be the best methods at the moment, but smaller roach on the waggler have also started showing.

Please follow all the rules : Access to the fishing stretch via the signposted gate ONLY, fishing only when car park gates are open, NO groundbaits of any kind, pellets or boilies allowed. Fish are coming to sweetcorn, maggots and worms – there is no need to use anything else and anyone caught breaking these rules will be expelled form the club immediately.

Enjoy the fishing