Welcome to a new season

The start of a new season is always exciting for anglers and we hope you all have a great time back on the banks. We have been working hard through the closed season on a number of projects including at Broadhurst, The Mill Pond, Bushmere, Imberhorne and Cypress Woods, but as ever there are still more things to be done! We have put some new fish stocks in Fir Toll , Bushmere and Wilderness Top Lake, but were unable to secure the Bream we wanted for Bushmere and Wilderness so we will be sorting that out in the autumn. Please be respectful of your fellow anglers and the countryside around you and please make sure you have read the club rules and understand them. We have more bailiffs on the banks this year which is great and look forward to any ideas and suggestions they put forward as they get used to their new roles. Have Fun!