Imberhorne Farm Pond, East Grinstead Area

Lake Description

Our Catfish water, but also plenty of Carp of all sizes to be had. A farm pond surrounded by Rhododendrons and which is on the road to recovery after a serious fish kill in 2018.

Lake Information

Size of Water
Two ponds of 1 Acre and .5 Acres

Depth of Water

Predominant Species
Catfish, Carp, Roach, Rudd

Rules & Conditions
The ponds are right next to farm cottages so anglers must be very quiet when arriving and leaving the water. Night fishing is allowed but anglers must not arrive after 9pm or leave before 7am. BEWARE the bailiff lives in the cottage next to the pond. Day fishing is between 7am and 9pm. KEEPNETS ARE not allowed

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