Harrock House Lake, Buxted, Uckfield Area

Lake Description

We have some stunning waters in beautiful settings and Harrock must be up there as one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by protected oak trees and covered in lilies Harrock is home to big Carp, many Tench and some BIG Rudd and Perch. It’s a bit of a walk across the farmers field, but worth it, particularly on a summers day.

Lake Information

Size of Water
2 Acre Lake and Pond

Depth of Water

Predominant Species
Carp, Tench, Rudd, Perch

Rules & Conditions
No vehicles to be driven across fields
Night fishing is allowed
Anglers must not arrive before 7am or leave after 10pm. Two houses are close to the car park so be quiet when arriving or leaving.

Lake Gallery