New Houses at Harrock House Lake

Dear members 

You may be aware that there is a proposed housing development on the field at Harrock House currently being looked at by Wealden planning.

You can see all the information about this application by visiting and searching for planning application number 


There is a section where you can read all the documents being put forward about this application for around 40 houses, but perhaps most importantly is the current plan for changing our parking and access to the lake. This is the document titled ‘Parking Strategy’ submitted on the 26th Jan 2024 by the developers.

You will see that only four spaces have been allocated to anglers and some distance from the lakes – neither enough spaces nor near enough the lakes for this to be practical and that new residents are undoubtedly going to end up being disturbed by anglers coming and going and parking on roads in and around the housing area 

We have raised a comment on this as a club which you can see on the planning application as an adjoining / neighbour letter submitted on Jan 16th and would encourage as many of you as possible to also raise your concerns on the car parking. You have until the end of February to do this.

Kindest regards